Thursday, April 16, 2009

Do You Treat Ranch Dressing Like It's Oxygen?

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I was driving in my car a few minutes ago, listening to Colin Cowherd of ESPN Radio, and I must admit he cracked me up. He said that United Airlines is going to start charging obese people for two seats if they take up the space of two seats. He went on to say that obese people aren't bad people, but when you're hanging around somebody and they treat ranch dressing like it's oxygen, it's not hard to figure out why they are obese. I just paraphrased what he said, but the ranch dressing like oxygen comment got me laughing. He is dead on in making that point.

I'm obese and it's my own damn fault. And yes, I have treated ranch dressing like it's oxygen. Cowherd went on to talk about the skyrocketing obesity rate in America, and how some people say it's glandular. He commented something to the effect that the glands haven't changed in the last 20 years. He also said the popularity of The Biggest Loser is due to the fact that the show forces people to look in the mirror and recognize why they are the way they are.

He talked about being on a plane and seeing an obese person get on, and hoping that they aren't in the seat next to you. I was the obese guy getting on the plane hoping that I would be in a row with two empty seats. Having to go on a work trip where I would have to fly on an airplane was a huge motivation in getting me to lose weight back in 2003 when I lost a bunch of weight. I'm obese and I'm not offended by anything Colin Cowherd said. He told the absolute truth.

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