Friday, December 21, 2007

I Started Medifast on Monday

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This past Monday I started the Medifast diet plan. I have posted for months about trying or thinking about trying various diets. I got to the point where I was fed up with it all, and I even made an appointment with a local hospital to enter a weight loss program there. The problem is my appointment isn't until January 8th. That's just too long to wait for me.

I ordered Medifast once before, but I just wasn't committed at the time. I am definitely committed this time. After all, I am giving up all the holiday treats and Miller Lites that I would have been consuming in the next week and a half. I ordered Medifast last week, and the box of Medifast food arrived at lunch time on Monday. I immmediately started the program.

Medifast Official Site

To give everyone a little background about me at my starting point, I last had my cholesterol checked in October. It was 245. That's a high number, not a number that caused me to panic, but a number that I need to work on.

I started the Medifast diet plan on Monday morning December 17th, 2007 .I am 6 feet, 3 inches tall. I weighed in at 390 pounds. I am going to weigh myself every Monday. Today I couldn't resist, so I weighed in just to check my early progress. I weighed 376 pounds! That's a 14 pound weight loss in 4 days! Obviously there is some water weight loss in that number, but I am very excited.

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I am going to share my experience with the Medifast diet plan as time goes on. I may post pictures of my progress, or I may not. I hope you enjoy my story.

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